Our Electric Mountain Bike Range!

Struggling to pedal up those tedious hills? Wish you could travel those extra distances? Feel the power of electric mountain bikes! Choose from our collection of two models of electric bikes.

These are perfect for you, if you want freedom, mobility, stress-free riding and benefits of cycling, but would like a little extra assistance. Our modern e-bikes open up so many possibilities; you might have troubled joints, aches or pains or looking to get onto the road to fitness again! E-bikes make even the toughest terrain possible.

Whether it’s a longer day in the saddle, that technical climb you just can’t master or that alpine Singletrack you dream off. You can still get all the benefits of riding your electric mountain bike, whilst making cycling easier and even more enjoyable.

We have a fantastic range of electric mountain bikes and compact electric mountain bikes , too.

Electric mountain bikes from £995

Electric mountain bikes from £1295!

Up to 50 miles on one single charge and who can forget our 14 day, absolutely-no-quibble home trial? Our E Bikes are a great addition for your family. 

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Compact electric bikes from £695

Compact electric bikes from £995!

Compact, easy-to-move and ideal for city riders or those with little storage space! Our compact bikes come with a 14 day home trial, too. It's the perfect e-bike, right?

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